Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: May 2015

How to Use the –z Option to Monitor Activity in Specific Zones

  • Use multiple –z options to monitor activity in zones s10 and s10u9.
    $ fsstat -z s10 -z s10u9 zfs tmpfs
     new  name   name  attr  attr lookup rddir  read read  write write
     file remov  chng   get   set    ops   ops   ops bytes   ops bytes
       93    82     6  163K   110   507K   148 69.7K 67.9M 4.62K 13.7M zfs:s10
      248   237   158  188K   101   612K   283 70.6K 68.6M 4.71K 15.2M zfs:s10u9
    12.0K 1.90K 10.1K 35.4K    12  60.3K     4 25.7K 29.8M 36.6K 31.0M tmpfs:s10
    12.0K 1.90K 10.1K 35.6K    14  60.2K     2 28.4K 32.1M 36.5K 30.9M tmpfs:S10u9