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Oracle® Switch ES1-24 Product Notes

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Updated: November 2016

Include the SEFOS Configuration in Backups

By default, only the Oracle ILOM configuration is backed up when the backup feature is used. Complete the following tasks to include the SEFOS configuration in this backup.

  1. Before backing up your SEFOS configuration using the Oracle ILOM backup feature, complete the following steps.
    1. Save the switch configuration.
      SEFOS# write startup-config
      Building configuration ...
    2. Set a passphrase.
      -> cd /SP/config
      -> set passphrase=abc123
      Set 'passphrase' to 'abc123'

      Note -  The passphrase you provide must not contain the @, ‘ (apostrophe), " (quotes), or \ (back slash) symbols.
  2. Ensure that you have proper login credentials for the server where the configuration is to be backed up.
  3. Back up the configuration to a remote server.
    -> set dump_uri=ftp://username:password@
    Dump successful