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Oracle® Switch ES1-24 Product Notes

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Updated: November 2016

Download the Switch Firmware Package

After backing up your current configuration, download the newest switch firmware package, for example, Oracle_Switch_ES1-24_sefos-1_3_1_15.pkg.

  1. Log in to My Oracle Support at:


  2. Select the Patches & Updates tab.
  3. Under the Patch Search section, select Product or Family (Advanced Search).
  4. Type switch in the Product field and select Oracle Switch ES1-24.
  5. Select the down arrow in the Release field and select the Oracle Switch ES1-24 folder.
  6. Select the newest release number.
  7. Click the Search button.
  8. Click the number in the Patch Name column.
  9. Click Download.
  10. Click the filename of the .zip file to begin the download.
  11. Save the file to an appropriate location.
  12. Upgrade the firmware.

    See Install the Switch Firmware.