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Oracle® Switch ES1-24 Product Notes

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Updated: November 2016

Requirements for Configuring In-Band Management

These requirements must be met to configure in-band management:

  • In-band and NET MGT networks must be in different subnets.

  • Configure DHCP on only one of the interfaces. Otherwise, the switch receives two default routes.

  • Configure one IP gateway only. You can configure the IP gateway using either network management or in-band settings. The IP gateway setting of the other gateway must be set to

    Note -  If the IP gateway is changed to another subnet, the current ssh session stops responding.
  • On the in-band network, ports used to connect to the switch must be in the default VLAN. No other configuration is required in SEFOS.

Note -  If SEFOS has an IP address on a L3 VLAN interface in the same subnet, you might see ICMP error messages.