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Oracle® Switch ES1-24 Product Notes

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Updated: November 2016

Loss of Access to Management Node Oracle ILOM When Starting or Resetting the System (16893765)

When using the sideband feature on the Oracle ILOM X4170-M2/ZFSSA-controller to connect to the management network through the Oracle Switch ES1-24, the port might not link up after the host is shut down. This issue results in loss of access to the node.

Workaround: Explicitly set the speed to 100 Mbps on the switch port where the X4170-M2/ZFSSA-controller is connected. For example, if the port is being used in ex 0/2, run these commands to set the speed to 100 Mbps.

SEFOS# config terminal
SEFOS(config)# interface extreme-ethernet 0/2
SEFOS(config-if)# shutdown
SEFOS(config-if)# speed 100
SEFOS(config-if)# no shutdown
SEFOS(config-if)# end
SEFOS# write startup-config