A dimension hierarchy is a logical structure that organizes your Endeca records.

The dimension values in a dimension are related to each other as parent and child dimension values.

A dimension value that has sub-dimension values is the parent of those sub-dimension values. The sub-dimension values are children or child dimension values of their parent. Child dimension values that have the same parent are dimension value siblings.

The following figure illustrates a typical dimension:

Child dimension values enable users to refine their navigation queries and, consequently, the resulting record sets. Thus, when you configure dimensions, make sure that child dimension values contain more specialized data than their parents. See Refining a navigation query in a hierarchical dimension for more information about query refinements.

Dimensions that have only one level of hierarchy beneath the dimension root are called flat dimensions. The following figure illustrates a flat version of the Wine Type dimension.

Automatically generated dimensions are flat unless you configure their dimension values to be of type Sift. The Sift type is an extension of automatic dimension generation that makes it possible to place automatically generated dimension values (of type Sift) in an existing hierarchical dimension. For information about how to create and use dimensions with Sift dimension values, refer to the Oracle Commerce Developer Studio Help.

Creating easy to understand dimension hierarchies makes it easier for your end users to navigate through your data.

This section provides information about how to make dimensions as easy-to-understand and navigate through as possible.

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