Get Your Semantic Model File Ready

Take some time to ready your semantic model .rpd file for the cloud.

  1. Verify that you’re using Oracle BI Enterprise Edition or later.
  2. Open your semantic model .rpd file and use Consistency Check Manager to run consistency checks.
  3. Remove any initialization blocks that set the USER, ROLES or GROUP session variables.

    Oracle Analytics doesn’t support the variables :user and :password in data source connection credentials.

  4. Verify that the database connection information in the semantic model is up-to-date.

    Review the connection pool settings from Oracle BI Administration Tool:

    • Data source name must contain the full connect string for the database where data is stored.

      You can’t specify a net service name here.

    • Call interface must be Oracle Call Interface (OCI).

    If your semantic model connects to multiple databases, ensure that the settings for each connection pool are correct.

  5. Disable subject areas that you don't want to expose or that don't have a working connection.

    If connection information is missing, users see the message Fetch subject areas failed error when they view subject areas in Oracle Analytics Cloud.

  6. Back up Oracle Analytics Cloud to a snapshot, including the current semantic model, in case you need to restore this version.

When the semantic model is ready, you can upload it to Oracle Analytics Cloud.