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What's New in Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service


November 2018

What’s New in Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service

Learn about the new and changed features in Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service.

November 2018

Feature Description
Oracle GoldenGate 18.1 Classic and Microservices Available You can now create Oracle GoldenGate Cloud instances with Oracle GoldenGate 18.1 classic and microservices versions. See the Certification Matrix for additional information.

October 2018

Feature Description

Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 with Microservices Architecture

You can now create an Oracle GoldenGate Cloud instance with the Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Microservices Architecture. See Creating a Custom Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Instance with Microservices Architecture.

July 2018

Feature Description

Bidirectional Replication Supported

You can now configure bidirectional replication topologies for on-premise to cloud scenarios.

Oracle GoldenGate Architecture Gathering Utility

You can gather Oracle GoldenGate environment architecture details and package it using the Oracle GoldenGate Architecture Gathering Utility. See How do I Send Oracle GoldenGate Environment Data to Oracle Support?

June 2018

Feature Description

Compute Shapes

New shapes (OC4, OC6, OC7) have been added for Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic.

Swap Space Increased

The Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service default configuration swap space is increased from 100GB to 256GB.

February 2018

Feature Description

Support Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 for Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service.

When you create an Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instance, you have an option to choose between Oracle GoldenGate 12.2 and Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 versions. The classic mode for Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 version is currently supported.

You can upgrade your existing Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instances to the latest Oracle GoldenGate 12.2 version only. To migrate your existing Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instances to Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 version, follow the upgrade path mentioned here.

Secure SQL*Net Connections

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service supports secure SQL*Net connection for remote capture and delivery.

Supporting Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud as a target database.

You can configure Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud as a target database for Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service to replicate data. For more information, see Replicating Data to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

Applying Patches

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service patching process automatically stops the Oracle GoldenGate processes, applies the patch and restarts the processes.

  • The Oracle GoldenGate Extract, Replicat and data pump processes on the Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instance restart during the patching process.  

  • If you have any Oracle GoldenGate data pump process sending data to the Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instance, the data pump process abends. You can either stop the data pump process before applying the patches to Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service or restart the data pump after patching to resume the replication .

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service doesn’t allow you to apply Oracle GoldenGate patch directly on Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service. If you need to apply Oracle GoldenGate patch, please contact Oracle Support.

October 2017

Feature Description

Oracle GoldenGate supports Universal Credits.

Benefit from an easy new payment option. In the Universal Credits subscription model, you commit to pay a certain amount up-front monthly or annually for a bundle of services. Under this model, you can use any combination of the services such as Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service in your bundle whenever you need them. Your service usage is billed hourly against your monthly committed payment. For more details, see About Universal Credits.

Big Data client libraries are added in Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service.

To support Oracle Big Data Cloud Service in the VMs, Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service provides new client libraries.

Upgraded Oracle GoldenGate version.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service now includes Oracle GoldenGate 12.2.

May 2017

Feature Description

No Replication DB association

Enterprise Edition doesn’t require a Replication Database association, so you don’t have to choose a Replication DBCS instance when using your Enterprise Edition.


Scale Up/Down

With the production Type account you can scale Up/Down your OCPUs


Provisioning for different GoldenGate versions

The Enterprise Edition, can support 11g and 12c GoldenGate versions on provisioning.

April 2017

Feature Description

ExaCS supported.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service can use ExaCS when provisioning instances.


Enterprise License.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service has the new Enterprise License.


Optional use of GoldenGate Cloud Control.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Control is optional by default, and you can change this option, when provisioning your instance.


Extra boot volume available to restore OS changes when service is restarted.

Boot volume is added, you have 25 GB extra in disk storage usage.

With this improvement, any OS-related change done in the instance is persisted after restart.

Added GG MySQL and BigData bits in instances.

Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data supports specific configurations, the handlers are compatible with clearly defined software versions, and there are many support topics.

GoldenGate Cloud Service VM contains GoldenGate MySQL and BigData bits.


Production Type accounts can use OC3 and OC5 compute shapes.

The default shape for Production Type account is OC5; however, you can change it to OC3 if necessary.


New certifications.

GoldenGate Cloud Service has:

  • MySQL CS certification.

  • Big data certification on DBA environments for HDFS, and HBase Hadoop targets.

March 2017

Feature Description

Support Replication to Exadata Service

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service supports real-time data replication from on-premises or Database Cloud Service to Exadata Service.


New billing model introduced

There’s a new billing model where the service is metered based on the host OCPU instead of associated with the DBCS instance OCPU. This new billing is in terms of new Editions selection.


January 2017

Feature Description

Adding GoldenGate Cloud Control component

GoldenGate Cloud Service 17.1.1 provisioning, comes with GoldenGate Cloud Control component added.


Changes in Stop/Start functionality

For more flexibility, the prerequisite checks for stop and start of services have been removed. With this change, if you would like to stop an instance from the instance detail page, there isn’t replication process checks. You are responsible to ensure that replication is not happening before Stop/Restart operations.

Changes in Storage Scale up Interface

GoldenGate Cloud Service now provides Storage Volume scale up interface instead of using SCALE HOSTS.


December 2016

Feature Description

Oracle Corente VPN support for GoldenGate Cloud Service.

GoldenGate Cloud Service can set up Corente VPN connection with on-premises GG servers.


GoldenGate supported heterogeneous sources.

Heterogeneous On-Premise Source DB2 z/OS


DB 12.2 delivery certified.

DB 12.2 delivery with no new features, is now certified for Replicat.


GoldenGate Monitor OEM plug-in Certification.

GoldenGate Monitor OEM plug-in is certified to monitor GoldenGate Cloud Service


Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) Trial account.

When you request an Oracle Public Cloud Trial account, GoldenGate Cloud Service is included, along with other services. All the Trial accounts are valid for 30 days. After this time you can convert this account to a Production account, otherwise, the Trial account gets expired after 30 days.

October 2016

Feature Description

Scaling Up 1TB Storage.

Increase the capacity of your replication data storage when necessary.


Optional backup and restore.

Backup and restore is now optional and you only have to create a storage container if you opt in to the backing up and restoring feature.


Upgrade to GoldenGate 12.2.

GoldenGate Cloud Service 16.4.1 supports GoldenGate product Version


Support Patching and Upgrade for GGCS with GoldenGate 12.2.

Upgrade to GoldenGate 12.2 (from GGCS 16.2.5+) and patch your GGCS virtual machine.


Conflict Resolution and Detection (CDR).

The Conflict Resolution and Detection enables active-active bi-directional replications.


Oracle Corente VPN certification.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is certified with Oracle Corente VPN. This certification allows you to secure your data delivery over the network with VPN connections. With VPN, now you can use GoldenGate supported databases from on-premises.


GGCS Replicat Recovery from Backups.

When the disk storage is lost, GoldenGate Cloud Service is able to recover from the backup or the other cluster node to resume replication process.

New Parameter Template.

A new parameter template was added.


September 2016

Feature Description

Start, Stop, and Restart a service Instance.

Control your billing by stopping any unused instance, and restarting it when necessary.

August 2016

Feature Description

Patching and upgrade supported.

Upgrade versions and apply patches to get all your instance services working with the latest features.


Upgrade of GoldenGate Cloud Service instances created during 16.1.5 version to 16.3.3 is not possible. Any GoldenGate Cloud Service instances created 16.2.5 onwards can be upgraded to 16.3.3.

Virtual machine extract and Replicat restoration from shared storage.

Back up your data content in the storage and save the file on cloud storage for a later restoration.


Backup and Recovery supported.

Backup/restore of config/trail data at any point of replication


This feature only works with virtual machines created post 16.3.3 service upgrade.

July 2016

Feature Description

Oracle Database Cloud Service-Database as a Service High Memory shapes supported.

In addition to the Oracle Database Cloud Service-Database as a Service General Purpose shapes; now, you are able to use High Memory shapes.


Cloud to on-premises replication with SOCKS5 Proxy.

In addition to the on-premises to cloud replication and cloud to cloud replication, now you can replicate one-to-one from cloud to on-premises with SOCKS5.


Autocomplete / Autoactivation.

If you already have an Oracle Database Cloud Service-Database as a Service account, your GoldenGate Cloud Service is automatically activated under the same identity domain.

When ordering GoldenGate Cloud Service, you should have an Oracle Database Cloud Service-Database as a Service available in the existing identity domain.

June 2016

Feature Description

Bi-directional cloud replication.

GoldenGate Cloud Service supports cloud replication for Oracle Database Cloud Service-Database as a Service including: 

• One-to-one replication 

• One-to-many replication 

• Bi-directional replication (no CDR) 


Cloud to cloud replication.

In addition to the non-cloud to cloud replication, now you are able to replicate from cloud to cloud.

Use heterogeneous source databases.

In addition to your Oracle databases, now you can use MySQL databases as your source.


Access rules to control network access to GoldenGate Cloud Service components.

Create and customize one or more access rules, to control the access to the network components.


Add New SSH Key option.

You can replace any of your pre-loaded SSH access keys any time you want.


Search for activity logs to monitor services.

You can monitor your service by search and filter the activity logs consulting the summary provided by this feature.


Instructions to configure on-premises to GoldenGate Cloud Service using DMZ (Demilitarized Zone Server).

Review the steps to configure your replication process through the DMZ Server.


Documentation Accessibility

For information about Oracle's commitment to accessibility, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program website at

Access to Oracle Support

Oracle customers that have purchased support have access to electronic support through My Oracle Support. For information, visit or visit if you are hearing impaired.

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