Master entities

A master entity is a data object in the data model that stores unified records. The output of deduplication, merge, and promotion of source records are stored in corresponding master entities. Examples of master entities are Master Customer, Master Account, and Master Product.

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Example: If customer "John Smith" has profile data such as name, address, and email recorded across several attributes in the data model, Oracle Unity will compare that data during deduplication and ensure that John Smith is not counted as multiple customers. Once that is complete, all of Mr. Smith's profile records will be linked and promoted to the master entity data object (MasterCustomer) during promotion.

Keep in mind the following about master entities:

Accessing the Master entity page

To access the Master entity page:

  1. Click the Oracle icon Image of the application navigation button. Use it to access the different parts of Oracle Unity. in the bottom-right corner to open the navigation menu.
  2. Select Master entities.

Working with Master entities

The Master entities page displays the list of master entities in the data model. After selecting a master entity, details will display along with the deduplication and promotion rules configured for it. The following diagram describes the different parts of the page.

An image of the master entity dashboard.

Callout number one Master entities: Click a master entity to view more information.

Callout number two ID resolution pipeline: This area of the page displays information about the master entity. You can view the following information:

  • Number of total source records
  • The number of unique master records after deduplication and promotion
  • The date of the last data processing
  • The date for the next data processing.

You can click Deduplication or Promotion to view more information about corresponding rules.

Callout number three Deduplication and Promotion: Click the Deduplication and Promotion tabs to view more information.

Callout number four Promotion rule action menu: View the action menu for promotion rules.

  • Edit: Update the rule using a JSON-based editor. You will need to click Edit again in the promotion rule details page.
  • Copy: Create a copy of the promotion rule.
  • Make inactive/Make active: Change the status of the promotion rule. To delete promotion rules, you will need to first make them inactive.
  • Delete: Remove the promotion rule. This action is not reversible and deleted promotion rules cannot be recovered. You can only delete promotion rules that have a status of Inactive.

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