Using the Predictive CLV PETs and filters

Important: This feature is available as part of the Advanced Intelligence Package add-on that must be ordered for your account. Please contact your account manager or Oracle sales.

In this topic, you will learn about Predictive CLV PETs and filters, as well as how you can leverage them in Oracle Responsys (see also Additional topics for understanding Predictive CLV).

Predictive CLV prebuilt PETs and filters

Note: Predictive CLV PETs cannot be updated using Connect import jobs.

For each profile list in your Oracle Responsys account, you will find six prebuilt simple filters and one prebuilt Predictive CLV PET, if Predictive CLV is enabled for your account. This PET is refreshed once a month. If you create a new profile list, the prebuilt Predictive CLV PET and filters are automatically created as well. Only profiles that are opted-in, deliverable, and have purchased at least once in their lifetime will be present in the Predictive CLV PET and filters.

Note: Prebuilt Predictive CLV PETs and filters will automatically be created for all of your existing profile lists once Predictive CLV is enabled for your account.

Each prebuilt filter represents a Predictive CLV persona: High spenders, Medium spenders, Low spenders, Non spenders, Unlikely to spend again, Long term spenders, Medium term spenders, and Short term spenders. In the Predictive CLV PETs, each profile is assigned a persona for their customer lifetime value (CLV_REVENUE_PERSONA), either High spender, Medium spender, Low spender, Non spender, or Unlikely to spend again, as well as being assigned another persona based on their purchase lifetime (CLV_TIME_PERSONA), either Long term spender, Medium term spender, or Short term spender. The PET also includes other purchase data for the profiles in your list.

You can view Predictive CLV PETs and filters by navigating to The Folders icon Folders, or The Lists icon Data> Profile Lists. If you move the profile list to another folder, its Predictive CLV PET and filters will automatically move to that folder as well.

Note: You cannot edit, modify, or delete Predictive CLV PETs. Additionally, these PETs do not have expiration dates.

Predictive CLV PETs and filters are located in the same folder as their associated profile list. Each Predictive CLV filter will have a combination of the profile list and one of the personas in its name. Each of these PETs has a name that combines the name of the profile list with the word CLV, for example a profile list called CustomerList would have as a PET CLV CustomerList. If you change the name of a profile list, the names of the associated Predictive CLV PET and filters will change to reflect this.

Personalization and targeting with Predictive CLV

With Predictive CLV, you can:

Additional topics for understanding Predictive CLV

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