Using the Email Campaign Workbook

Important: This information applies to the Email Campaign Workbook. If the Campaign Designer has been rolled out to your account, see Launching an Email campaign with the Campaign Designer.

To see how the new Campaign Designer differs from the old campaign workbook, see Email Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the new Campaign Designer's visuals, see Email Campaign Designer visuals overview.

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Use the campaign workbook to review an email campaign's details and errors, access reports, create a printable view, and more.

Note: Page headers in the workbooks for all channels have been updated such that, instead of seeing Campaign Workbook at the top of the page, the header will now include the campaign's name and status, as well as links to bring you back to the Manage Campaigns page and the Home page.

An image showing the Email Campaign Workbook

To open the campaign workbook:

  1. On the side navigation bar, click The Campaign icon Campaigns and select Manage Campaigns.
  2. Open the campaign you want to work with.

    Tip: To open the workbook in a new tab, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + click the campaign link.

Learn more about the sections of the campaign workbook. To monitor all campaign launches or take action on a campaign launch, use the Campaign Monitor.

Reviewing campaign errors

Campaign errors can prevent you from launching your campaign. You can quickly review campaign errors using the campaign workbook. If a section contains errors, the heading displays in red.

To review campaign errors:

  1. Open the campaign workbook for the email campaign you want to work with.
  2. Click Show errors.
  3. Review the errors in the Validation errors dialog.

  4. Click an error in the list to resolve the error.

Requesting approval

Important: This option is available only if it is enabled for your account and the Account Administrator selected the option to require approvals.

If this feature is enabled, email campaigns cannot be launched without being approved. Learn more about requesting and granting email campaign approval.

Campaign reporting

For active and closed campaigns, you can view the Campaign Analysis dashboard and Overlay report from the workbook.

  • The Campaign Analysis dashboard helps you analyze key performance metrics of a selected campaign.
  • The Overlay report is available for link-tracking campaigns. This report overlays Live Report data directly over a campaign, making it easier to correlate data directly to your messages.

To view the Campaign Analysis dashboard or Overlay report:

  1. Open the campaign workbook for the email campaign you want to work with.
  2. Choose and option:
    • To view the Campaign Analysis dashboard, click Insight.
    • To view the Overlay report, click the drop-down next to Insight button and select Overlay report.

Create a printable view

To create a printable view:

You can create a printable view of the campaign only if the campaign does not contain any errors.

  1. Open the campaign workbook for the email campaign you want to work with.
  2. Click Printable View.

The campaign opens in a new browser page.

Sections of the campaign workbook

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