Set Up a DNS Text Record


If you do not set up a DNS text record within 14 days after completing the Enter Domain Keys in NetSuite procedure, the From header of email sent from that particular domain will continue to be rewritten. For more information, see From Headers in Email Can Be Rewritten.

A user with DNS experience should perform the following procedure.

To set up a DNS text record with your domain provider:

  1. Open a new browser window, and log in to your domain provider.

  2. Add a text record (TXT) with your domain provider.


    When setting up your domain name with your domain provider, you enter the Domain Selector name you entered in NetSuite with the ._domainkey suffix as the DNS record. For example, if you entered dec2020-netsuite in the Domain Selector field in NetSuite, at your domain provider, you would enter dec2020-netsuite._domainkey in the Name field of the DNS TXT record containing the correct DKIM value.

  3. Paste or enter the value you copied after clicking Generated DNS Entry in your NetSuite account.

  4. Save the text record. When you save the DNS TXT record, your domain name is automatically appended to the value you entered in the Name field.


    Create a separate text record for each domain you plan on creating domain keys for.

  5. Complete the Activate DKIM Keys in NetSuite procedure to activate the keys you set up in NetSuite.


Consider setting up a DMARC policy record for your company’s entire email infrastructure. See Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) in Email Best Practices.

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