Visibility Dates


This information refers to SuiteCommerce and the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.

The Visibility Dates feature lets you to set the date and time during which content is visible on your website. Visibility dates apply to specific pieces of content, and you can define them when you create or edit the content. You can apply visibility dates to:

There are two options for content visibility:

Visibility dates can be edited at any time. Content past its end date expires and is accessible from the Expired Content tab in Overview mode. Expired content is no longer visible but is not deleted. See SMT Expired Content for more information.

When you first add content to your site it is considered Unpublished Content and is not visible. To make it visible on your site you must publish it. See Published and Unpublished Content for more information.

Always Visible

Use the Always Visible setting for content you want to remain on your website. Content is visible on your website immediately after you publish it and remains visible until you manually remove it.

To set visibility to Always Visible:

  1. Choose the type of content to Add or Edit.

  2. Select Always Visible from the side panel.

  3. Define other attributes as desired.

  4. Click Save.

Visible on Specific Dates

The start date and end date define when content becomes visible and when it expires. Leave the Start Date field blank for content to be visible immediately after publishing. Leave the End Date field blank to leave content visible indefinitely.

After setting visibility dates, you can preview your website by going to Preview mode and setting View Site As Of to your desired date.

To set visibility to Visible on Specific Dates:

  1. Choose the type of content to Add or Edit.

  2. Select Visible on Specific Dates from the side panel.

  3. Click the date selector on the Start Date & Time field to define when the content becomes available. Click Now to set the current date and time.

  4. Click Set.

  5. Click the date selector on the End Date & Time field to define when the content expires.

  6. Click Set.

  7. Define other attributes as desired.

  8. Click Save.

Visibility Timeline

The Visibility Timeline shows a chronological list of future visibility date events. This overview lets you see and edit upcoming published changes.

View the Visibility Timeline by going to Review & Publish Changes mode and selecting Visibility Timeline.

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