Theme Skin Manager

This information refers to SuiteCommerce and the 2019.2 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later. If you are using Aconcagua or earlier, see Theme Customizer (Aconcagua or Earlier).

The Theme Skin Manager gives you access to each of the skins that are included with a theme. A skin is a group of elements designed to compliment each other. A theme can contain multiple skins. You can quickly change the appearance of your domain by applying a different skin. The default skins that come with a theme cannot be changed. Instead you can copy the default skins and then make any required changes.

To learn more about the Theme Skin Manager, explore these topics:

Example: Commerce Horizon Theme

The Horizon Theme comes with the following six skins:

  • Light Fresh

  • Dark Fresh

  • Amazon-Esque

  • Pastel

  • Firehouse

  • Young

You can use any of these skins and easily switch to a different one using the Theme Skin Manager. You may want to use the Light Fresh skin for your spring campaign and the Dark Fresh skin for your fall campaign. You can also change specific elements of a skin, such as font size and background color. For details, see Editing a Theme Skin.

The following images shows the Light Fresh skin on the Horizon Theme. For more information, see Commerce Themes.

An example of the horizon theme.

For information on installing and activating the available NetSuite themes, see Installing Theme and Extension SuiteApps and Activating a Theme.

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