Published Content

You can perform bulk management of content on the Published Content tab in Overview Mode. The content you can manage includes published landing pages and published content on any page. The type of management you can perform includes editing tags and making changes to content visibility.

The Published Content tab is an additional way to manage published content. Content includes HTML, image, text, landing page, or other types of content.

An example of the published content tab.

This list lets you view currently published content and pages. This includes both content and pages that are currently visible and those with a future start date. Content is grouped together by URL. The URL is associated with the landing page, category page, content page, or other enhanced page. Each grouping can contain a landing page row and contents row.

There are also different ways you can filter the published content you want to review or edit. This menu gives you three different options to filter content:

Click Apply Filter when you have decided what content you want to review or edit. Click Reset to reset the filters and choose another set of values to filter content.

The published content view lets you locate and group content together and apply changes to multiple items at one time. You can add or update tags and edit visibility dates for content and pages. These operations are done separately.

Click Edit Tags to edit the tags and save them. Click Edit Visibility to edit the visibility dates and save them. Similar to most other content, you must publish the changes before the edits are applied.

There are some situations where the group may not contain a page row because the content is associated with:

For related information, see SMT Expired Content.

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