Approving a Customer Return Authorization

You can use the return authorizations approval process to keep track of what is being returned and why. A return cannot be received, credited, or refunded until the authorization is approved.

After you have approved an authorized return, it enters the receiving queue and the warehouse knows to expect this item to be shipped.

To approve an authorized customer return:

  1. Go to Transactions > Customers > Approve Return Authorizations (Administrator).

  2. In the Returns on or Before field, enter the date for the earliest unapproved return you want to see. Unapproved returns dated on or after this date appear in the list.

  3. In the Approve column, check the customer returns you want to approve.

    The Amount field updates to show the total amount of the approved returns.

  4. Click Submit.

The approved return authorizations can now be received and processed as credit memos or refunds. The amount of the returned order can be credited back to customers as a credit memo or a cash refund, depending on the type of form used. For more information, read Return Authorization (RMA) Forms.


You can also approve return authorizations by going to Transactions > Customers > Issue Return Authorizations > Lists (Administrator) to open the authorization and click Approve Return, as shown below.

Return Authorization page with Pending Refund status

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