Custom Lists

A custom list is a list of values that you can use in custom fields on your forms and records. Custom lists enable you to set up predefined choices for your employees and customers to select when entering transactions and records.


Custom lists are intended for use with small, fixed, related sets of data. Each custom list should include no more than 1000 values. CSV import is not supported for custom lists with more than 25,000 values.

To see a list page for custom lists, go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Lists. Choose an option:

To save time, you should create any custom lists or subtabs that may be needed when implementing the more advanced customizations for your account.

For help on defining a custom list, see Creating a Custom List, Adding Translations for Custom Lists, and Managing Large Custom Lists.

For information about running saved searches on custom lists, see Saved Searches for Custom Sublists.

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