Custom Field Types

Following are the various types of custom record and transaction fields you can create:



Instructions for Creating Field Type

Custom CRM Fields

Used to add fields to CRM records.

These records include Activity, Marketing and Support records — such as tasks, events, campaigns, or cases.

Creating Custom CRM Fields

Custom Entity Fields

Used to add fields to entity records.

These records include Relationship and Employee records — such as customers, vendors, employees, contacts, partners, or groups.

Creating Custom Entity Fields.

Custom Item Fields

Used to add fields to item records.

These records include Accounting and website item records — such as inventory, noninventory, service, other charge, group, kit/package, and assembly/bill of materials item records.

Creating Custom Item Fields

Custom Transaction Body Fields

Used to add fields to the body of transaction records.

These records include, for example, purchase, sale, journal entry and expense report records — such as sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, opportunities, Web store transactions, or item receipts.

Creating Custom Transaction Body Fields.

Custom Transaction Line Fields

Used to add fields to the lines of transaction records.

These fields display in the line-item columns of transaction records and include fields such as expense items, purchase items, sales items, store items, or opportunity items.

Creating Custom Transaction Line Fields

Custom Transaction Item Fields

Used to add fields to the line items of your transaction records such as purchase items, sales items, and Web store items. When adding a custom field to the line items of a transaction, you apply the field to the type of line item.

Creating Custom Transaction Item Options

Custom Item Number Fields

Used to add fields to serial and lot numbered inventory records to track information specific to each item or workflow unique to your business.

For example, quality control procedures or recall information could be tracked.

Creating Custom Item Number Fields

Other Custom Fields

Used to add fields to custom records not defined by the preceding categories, including campaign events, classes, competitors, departments, and locations.

Creating Other Record Fields

Other Sublist Fields

Used to add fields to the columns of a custom sublist. These fields display in the line-item columns of sublists.

Creating Other Sublist Fields

You can differentiate between custom fields and standard fields on NetSuite pages. To do so, enable the Show Internal IDs preference at Home > Set Preferences under the Defaults section of the General subtab. With the preference enabled, when you click on field, the field-level help popup shows a field ID in the bottom right corner. If the field you clicked on is a custom field, the ID from the custom field record is shown.

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