Creating Custom Transaction Body Fields

Custom transaction body fields are fields that you can add to the body of transaction records to gather information specific to your business needs.

These records include:

You can also choose to display custom transaction body fields on the checkout page of your web store transaction. If you do this, the fields are automatically added to the body of sales transaction records.

To create or modify custom transaction body fields:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields.

  2. On the Custom Transaction Body Fields page, each custom field is listed, with columns providing detailed information about the field and which records the field has been applied to.

  3. Choose an option:

    • To edit an existing custom transaction body field, click the field name in the Description column and then modify the field definition as needed.

    • To add a new custom transaction body field, click New.

    For more information, see Creating a Custom Field.

  4. Complete fields on the Transaction Body Field page as needed, and then click Save.


Custom transaction body fields can be indexed for global search. To include a custom field in global searches, check the Global Search box on its record. You cannot index a custom field for global search if None is selected for any Level for Search/Reporting option on the Access subtab of the custom field record. For more information, see Creating a Custom Field and Including Custom Fields in Global Search.

You can use SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) to manage custom transaction body fields as part of file-based customization projects. For information about SDF, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview. You can use the Copy to Account feature to copy an individual custom transaction body field to another of your accounts. Each custom transaction body field page has a clickable Copy to Account option in the upper right corner. For information about Copy to Account, see Copy to Account Overview.

The following screenshot shows the Custom Transaction Body Field page configured for a custom Entered By: field.

Transaction Body Field page configured for a custom Entered By: field.

After it has been created, the custom transaction body field can be applied to a transaction form. The following screenshot shows the Entered By: field included on a Purchase Order form.

Sample Purchase Order with custom Transaction Body field highlighted on the Custom subtab

If the Display Type for the custom transaction body field is set to Hidden, the field is still included on all forms, even if it is not displayed. The system ignores any changes you make to show or hide the field on all forms that apply to the custom transaction body field.

If the Log System Notes on Update Only preference is not set, and you have the View access level to a custom transaction body field, the default value of your field is displayed in system notes fields when you create a transaction search. For more information, see Searching System Notes.

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