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3.1.1 Supported Kernels

You can use Ksplice to bring the following Oracle Linux kernels up to date with the latest important security and bug fix patches:

  • All Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel versions for Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Linux 6 starting with 2.6.32-100.28.9 (released March 16, 2011).

  • All Oracle Linux 6 kernels starting with the official release.

  • All Oracle Linux 5 Red Hat Compatible Kernels starting with Oracle Linux 5.4 (2.6.18-164.el5, released September 9, 2009).

  • All Oracle Linux 5 Red Hat Compatible Kernels with bug fixes added by Oracle starting with Oracle Linux 5.6 (2.6.18-, released January 22, 2011).

To confirm whether a particular kernel is supported, install the Ksplice Uptrack client or Ksplice Enhanced Client on a system that is running the kernel.


If your system is currently running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and you have recently migrated to Oracle Linux Premier Support, you can use Ksplice to update the existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel. You do not need to switch to the Red Hat Compatible Kernel to use Ksplice kernel patches. These patches are available on ULN as uptrack-updates-kernel_version packages in the Ksplice for Oracle Linux channels.

For questions about supported kernels, send e-mail to