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12.3.1 Installing OSWbb

To install OSWbb:

  1. Log on to My Oracle Support (MOS) at

  2. Download the file oswbb601.tar, which is available at

  3. Copy the file to the directory where you want to install OSWbb, and run the following command:

    # tar xvf oswbb601.tar

    Extracting the tar file creates a directory named oswbb, which contains all the directories and files that are associated with OSWbb, including the script.

  4. If the ksh package is not already installed on your system, use yum to install it.

    # yum install ksh

  5. Create a symbolic link from /usr/bin/ksh to /bin/ksh.

    # ln -s /bin/ksh /usr/bin/ksh

    This link is required because the OSWbb scripts expect to find ksh in /usr/bin.

  6. To enable the collection of iostat information for NFS volumes, edit the script in the oswbb directory, and set the value of nfs_collect to 1:



    This feature is available from release v5.1.