Siebel eService Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications


How This Guide Is Organized

Revision History

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Administering Siebel eBanking and Siebel eBrokerage

About Siebel eBrokerage

Other Differences from Siebel eService

Administrative Tasks

Purpose Comparison

Data Display

Service Request Creation

Siebel Personalization

Siebel eBanking and Siebel eBrokerage Pages

Login Page

Home Page

Setting the Display Sequence of Financial Accounts

Accounts Page

Summary View/Current Balance Summary Applet (FINS eBanking Contact Account Balance Form Applet)

Summary View/Deposits and Investments List Applet

Summary View/Credit and Loans List Applet

Summary View/Aggregated Accounts Applet

Account Detail Views/Account Select Applet

Account Detail Views/Download

Account Aggregation Page

Transfers Page

Transferring Funds

Transfer Money In/Transfer Money Out Views

Bill Pay Page

Bill Payment Actions

End-User Procedures

Customer Service Page

The Relationship Page (Siebel eBrokerage Only)

Adding and Editing Holdings

Adding and Modifying Investment Interests

Trades Page (Siebel eBrokerage Only)

Trade Cancellation

Trade Error Checking

The My Profile Screen

Siebel Account Aggregation

Hosted Solution

Datafeed Solution

Installing and Configuring Account Aggregation

Setting Up Siebel eBanking for Account Aggregation

Administering Account Aggregation

End-User Procedures for Account Aggregation

Account Aggregation Business Services

Adding Account Download File Types

How Account Download Works in the Preconfigured Application

Adding a New Value to the File Format Drop-Down List

Creating an Integration Object for the New File Type

Creating the Data Map

Modifying the Workflow

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Administering Siebel Insurance eService

Siebel Insurance eService Features

Siebel Insurance eService User Interface Features

Home Page

Literature Page

eEvents Page

Personal Policies List

Group Benefits List

Claims List

Service Requests

Contact Us Hyperlink

My Profile Hyperlink

Administrative Tasks

Creating Roles

Setting Up Provider Search

Setting Up Classes and Seminars

Setting Up Health Club Discounts

Setting Up Alternative Medicine Search

Setting Up Pharmacy Locator

Setting Up Formulary Search

Setting Up a Link To Drug Interactions Information

Displaying Auto Policy Coverage Comparisons

Setting Up Printable Online Documents

Administering Partner and Claim Center Locators

Setting Up Service Provider Search

Customer Tasks

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Administering Siebel eEnrollment for Financial Services

Administrative Tasks

Setting Up Provider Search

Siebel eEnrollment User Interface Elements

Home Page

Enrolling for Insurance Coverage

Designating a Beneficiary

Administering Enrollees

Displaying Providers

Literature Page

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Administering Siebel eCustomer for Financial Services

Home Page

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Administering Siebel eService for eAutomotive

Overview of Differences from Siebel eService

Home Page and Global Buttons

Dealer Locator

Activating Vehicle Registration Workflows

Inventory Search for Vehicles

The My Account View

Vehicle Registration

The My Vehicles View

Preventive Maintenance

Visibility of Preventive Maintenance Actions to the Customer

Sharing Preventive Maintenance Documents with Customers

Service Requests

Service History

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Siebel eService for Communications, Media, and Energy

Features Specific to Communications, Media, and Energy

Differences in the Customer Portal for CME

Differences in Personalization for CME

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Siebel eBanking Account Aggregation Business Components

FINS AAG All Account

FINS AAG Contact

FINS AAG Investment Holding

FINS AAG Transactions

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 Siebel eService Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications, Version 7.5, Rev. A 
 Published: 18 April 2003