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Sun Storage 10 GbE FCoE ExpressModule Converged Network Adapter From QLogic Installation Guide For Adapter Models SG-EMFCOE2-Q-SR, SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-SR, SG-EMFCOE2-Q-TA, SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-TA, and 7101682

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Updated: January 2017

To Install the Converged Network Adapter

  1. If the system in which you are installing the adapter is running the Oracle Solaris OS, install the two driver patches for your platform, as listed in Installing Software for the Oracle Solaris OS.
  2. Attach an ESD wrist strap (see Observing ESD and Handling Precautions).
  3. Refer to your system installation or service manual to determine an appropriate PCI Express slot in which to install the Converged Network Adapter.
  4. Refer to your system documentation to shut down, power off, and unplug the system, if required.
  5. Press down the plastic tab to release the ExpressModule latch and pull the lever out until it is nearly perpendicular with the ExpressModule front panel.
    image:Releasing the latch
  6. Insert the adapter into an empty PCIe x8 or larger slot.

    Be careful that the tooth on the bottom of the lever does not come in contact with the chassis sheet metal during insertion.

  7. When the adapter is inserted nearly all the way into its slot, carefully push the lever back into its fully closed position, allowing the lever tooth to insert the adapter fully into place.

    Note - Inserting the Converged Network Adapter in an abrupt or rough manner could unintentionally cause the initialization process of the Converged Network Adapter to start. To prevent the process from starting, be sure to insert the adapter gently, but firmly, into place.

    The adapter is now installed and you can connect the optical or copper cables.