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Sun Storage 10 GbE FCoE ExpressModule Converged Network Adapter From QLogic Installation Guide For Adapter Models SG-EMFCOE2-Q-SR, SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-SR, SG-EMFCOE2-Q-TA, SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-TA, and 7101682

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Updated: January 2017

LEDs Turn On Sporadically After Pressing the Attention Button For Hot-Plug Removal

Bug 15675267


When attempting to prepare the adapter for hot-plug removal, the LEDs are not behaving as expected after pressing the Attention button on the adapter.


This is due to the Attention button remaining depressed or becoming wedged in the faceplate of the module during hot-plug removal, which causes the initialization process of the Converged Network Adapter to start. To prevent this from occurring, press the Attention button again to ensure it is fully released.