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Sun Storage 10 GbE FCoE ExpressModule Converged Network Adapter From QLogic Installation Guide For Adapter Models SG-EMFCOE2-Q-SR, SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-SR, SG-EMFCOE2-Q-TA, SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-TA, and 7101682

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Updated: January 2017

System Panic After Installing the Adapter in an x86 System

Bug 15635205


If you install the adapter in an x86 system that is running the Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS, the system might panic when you perform any of the following actions:

  1. Reboot the system.

  2. Update the flash software on the adapter (via scli).

  3. Detach the driver (by issuing the cfgadm unconfigure command) and then reattach the driver (by issuing the cfgadm configure command).


Reboot the system. If this does not address the issue, ensure that the kmem_flags are disabled on the system by doing the following:

  1. Shut down the system.

  2. Physically remove the adapter from the system and reboot.

  3. Access the /etc/system file and verify that the kmem_flags are disabled: kmem_flags=0

  4. If the kmem_flags does not have a value of 0, edit the /etc/system file so that it does.

  5. Shut down the system.

  6. Reinstall the adapter and reboot the system.

    If the system panics continue to occur with the kmem_flags disabled, or you need to keep the kmem_flags enabled, for any reason, contact Oracle Service to obtain and apply the appropriate IDR patch.