Configuring and Administering Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014
Chapter 5

About Administering Profile-Based Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris

This chapter provides an overview of profile-based network configuration, which is primarily used when the system is using the reactive mode. The reactive mode supports various types of profiles for managing network configuration on your Oracle Solaris system. This mode is most often used for notebook PCs and in situations where network conditions change often. In the reactive mode, a network daemon (nwamd) monitors the system's state and dynamically adjusts the network configuration if conditions change.

For more information about the fixed mode, which is the mode that is most often used in corporate environments, see Chapter 2, Administering Datalink Configuration in Oracle Solaris and Chapter 3, Configuring and Administering IP Interfaces and Addresses in Oracle Solaris.

For step-by-step instructions on configuring and administering network profiles, see Chapter 6, Administering Profile-Based Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris.