Configuring and Administering Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

Assigning Generic Names to Datalinks

  • Physical network devices are ordered according to media type, where certain types have priority over others. The media types are ordered in descending priority as follows:

    1. Ethernet

    2. InfiniBand devices

    3. Ethernet over IB

    4. WiFi

  • After devices are grouped and sorted according to media types, these devices are further ordered based on their physical locations, where on-board devices are favored over peripheral devices.

  • Devices that have higher a priority based on their media type and location are assigned lower instance numbers.

On SPARC based systems, the netN names are assigned to match the netN device aliases that are used in the OpenBoot PROM (OBP). On x86 based systems, SMBIOS data (where available) is used to identify onboard Ethernet devices and assign them to net0, net1, and so on. In addition to (or absent from) these sources of information, devices on a lower motherboard or IO board, host bridge, PCIe root complex, bus, device, and function are ranked ahead of other devices and assigned lower net instances than those on higher motherboards, host bridges, etc.

To display the correspondences between link names, devices, and locations, use the dladm show-phys command with the –L option as follows:

# dladm show-phys -L
net0         e1000g0       MB
net1         e1000g1       MB
net2         e1000g2       MB
net3         e1000g3       MB
net4         ibp0          MB/RISER0/PCIE0/PORT1
net5         ibp1          MB/RISER0/PCIE0/PORT2
net6         eoib2         MB/RISER0/PCIE0/PORT1/cloud-nm2gw-2/1A-ETH-2
net7         eoib4         MB/RISER0/PCIE0/PORT2/cloud-nm2gw-2/1A-ETH-2