Configuring and Administering Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

Administering Wireless Networks From the Desktop

By default, when wireless network connections are enabled, the reactive networking daemon (nwamd) attempts to connect to any available network in the Favorites list without asking, in the priority order in which those connections are listed. If no favorite networks are available, the Wireless Chooser dialog box opens. In this dialog box you can choose a wireless network to join.

You can also modify the way in which connections to wireless networks are attempted in the Wireless tab of the Network Preferences dialog's Connection Properties view of the Network Administration GUI. If required, you can also manually connect to a different wireless network by right-clicking the Network Status notification icon that is located on the desktop.

Tip  -  You can access the Connection Properties view for a selected network through the Network Preferences dialog. This dialog contains a drop-down list that is labeled Show. This list enables you to switch between views for a given network. In each view, there are different tasks that you can perform, as well as information about the selected network, which is specific to that view.
    The following views exist for every network connection in each network profile that is on the system:
  • Connection status
  • Network profile
  • Connection properties
For more information about profile-based network configuration, see Chapter 5, About Administering Profile-Based Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris and the GUI online help.