Configuring and Administering Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014


cfgadm commandindex iconHow to Replace a Network Interface Card With Dynamic Reconfiguration
property values by using the walkprop subcommandindex iconSetting Property Values for a Profile by Using the walkprop Subcommand
property values for a profileindex iconSetting Property Values for Profiles
CIDR notationindex iconHow to Configure an IPv4 Interface
interfaces manually, for IPv6index iconHow to Configure a System For IPv6
creating and managing reactive profilesindex iconAbout Administering Profile-Based Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris
creating network profiles
ENMs creatingindex iconCreating ENMs
creating profiles
a Location profileindex iconCreating Locations
an NCU for an NCPindex iconCreating NCUs for an NCP
WLAN creatingindex iconCreating Known WLANs
ENM interactively creatingindex iconHow to Create an ENM Interactively
interactively creating
a known WLAN profileindex iconHow to Create a Known WLAN Interactively
an NCP with NCUsindex iconHow to Create NCUs for an NCP Interactively
profiles creating ENMs
ENM profileindex iconCreating ENMs