Configuring and Administering Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

Customizing IP Interface Properties and Addresses

    There are three ipadm subcommands that are used to manage IP interface properties:

  • show-ifprop –p property interface – Displays the properties of an IP interface and its current values. If you do not use the –p property option, then all of the properties of the IP interface are listed. If you do not specify an IP interface, then all of the properties of all of the IP interfaces are listed.

  • set-ifprop –p property=value interface – Assigns a value to the IP interface's property.

  • reset-ifprop –p property interface – Resets the specific property to its default values.

Like datalinks, IP interfaces also have properties that you can customize for your specific network environment. For each interface, two sets of properties exist, one set for IPv4 and the another set for IPv6.