Configuring and Administering Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

netcfg and netadm Commands

The netcfg and netadm commands are used to manage various types of profiles. Most of the features that are provided by these two commands are targeted at managing reactive profiles. The netcfg command is rarely used on corporate servers. These types of servers typically use the fixed mode.

The netadm command is used to enable and disable profiles and display information about profiles and their states. See Enabling and Disabling Profiles and Administering Profiles.

Note -  You typically configure the properties of reactive profiles by using the netcfg command. However, you can also create persistent configuration for a reactive profile by using the dladm and ipadm commands, if the profile is currently active. However, you cannot use the netcfg command to configure the system's only fixed profile, DefaultFixed. For more information, see the netcfg (1M) man page.