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Managing Network Datalinks in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Displaying Bridge Configuration Information

You can display bridge configuration information by using the dladm show-bridge command.

Displaying Information About Configured Bridges

You can use the dladm show-bridge and dlstat show-bridge commands to show different kinds of information about configured bridges.

Use the following command options:

  • To view the list of bridges:

    $ dladm show-bridge
    $ dladm show-bridge
    goldengate   stp     32768/8:0:20:bf:f 32768    8192/0:d0:0:76:14:38
    baybridge    stp     32768/8:0:20:e5:8 32768    8192/0:d0:0:76:14:38
  • To show the link-related status of a bridge:

    $ dladm show-bridge -l bridge-name
  • To show link-related statistics for the bridge:

    $ dlstat show-bridge bridge-name
  • To show kernel forwarding entries for the bridge:

    $ dladm show-bridge -f bridge-name
  • To show TRILL information about the bridge:

    $ dladm show-bridge -t bridge-name
  • To show statistics of all the bridges and their connected links:

    $ dlstat show-bridge
    rbblue0     --        1.93K   587.29K     2.47K     3.30M         0         0
               simblue1      72     4.32K     2.12K     2.83M         0        --
               simblue2   1.86K   582.97K       348   474.04K         0        --
    stbred0     --          975   976.69K     3.44K     1.13M         0        38
               simred3      347   472.54K     1.86K   583.03K         0        --
               simred4      628   504.15K     1.58K   551.51K         0        --

For more information about the dladm show-bridge command options, see the dladm(8) man page and for information about the dlstat show-bridge command options, see the dlstat(8) man page.

Example 30  Displaying Bridge Information

    The following examples show how to use the dladm show-bridge command with various options.

  • The following command shows link-related status information for a single bridge instance, tower. To view configured properties, use the dladm show-linkprop command.

    $ dladm show-bridge -l tower
    LINK         STATE        UPTIME   DESROOT
    net0         forwarding   117      8192/0:d0:0:76:14:38
    net1         forwarding   117      8192/0:d0:0:76:14:38
  • The following command shows the kernel forwarding entries for the specified bridge, avignon:

    $ dladm show-bridge -f avignon
    DEST              AGE     FLAGS  OUTPUT
    8:0:20:bc:a7:dc   10.860  --     net0
    8:0:20:bf:f9:69   --      L      net0
    8:0:20:c0:20:26   17.420  --     net0
    8:0:20:e5:86:11   --      L      net1
  • The following command shows the TRILL information about the specified bridge, key:

    $ dladm show-bridge -t key
    38628  --    london      56:db:46:be:b9:62
    58753  L     --          --

Displaying Configuration Information About Bridge Links

You use the dladm show-link command with the –o all option to display the BRIDGE field in the output. If a link is a member of a bridge, this field identifies the name of the bridge of which it is a member. For links that are not part of a bridge, the field is blank if the –p option is used. Otherwise, the field shows --.

The observability node of the bridge also appears in the dladm show-link output as a separate link. For this node, the existing OVER field lists the links that are members of the bridge.

Use the following command to view configuration information about any link that is a member of a bridge.

$ dladm show-link [-p]

The –p option produces output in a parsable format.