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Managing Network Datalinks in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Modifying a Trunk Aggregation Attributes

Modifying policy, lacpmode, and time are applicable only to trunk aggregations. These attributes are not supported on DLMP aggregations.

You can modify these attributes even when the aggregation is active, or even with a configured IP interface or VNIC existing over the aggregation.

  • To modify the load balancing policy of the aggregation, type:

    $ dladm modify-aggr -P policy aggr

    Represents one or more of the load balancing policies L2, L3, and L4, as explained in Defining Aggregation Policies for Load Balancing.


    Specifies the aggregation whose attributes you want to modify.

  • To modify the LACP mode of the aggregation, type:

    $ dladm modify-aggr -L LACP-mode -T time aggr
    –L LACP-mode

    Indicates the LACP mode in which the aggregation must operate. Possible values are active, passive, and off.

    –T time

    Indicates the LACP timer value, either short or long.

Example 6  Modifying a Trunk Aggregation

This example shows how to modify the load balancing policy and LACP mode of a link aggregation.

$ dladm modify-aggr -P L2 aggr0
$ dladm modify-aggr -L active -T short aggr0
$ dladm show-aggr
aggr0   trunk      L2      auto            active         short