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Managing Network Datalinks in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Configuring VLANs Over a Link Aggregation

Configuring VLANs on a link aggregation is similar to configuring VLANs over an interface. Link aggregations are described in Configuring High Availability by Using Link Aggregations.

How to Configure VLANs Over a Link Aggregation

Before You Begin

Create the link aggregation. See How to Create a Link Aggregation.

Ensure that your role has the appropriate rights profile to perform this procedure. See Using Rights Profiles to Perform Network Configuration.

  1. List the link aggregations that are configured on the system.
    $ dladm show-aggr
  2. For every VLAN that you want to create over the link aggregation you selected, you can use the following command:
    $ dladm create-vlan -l link -v vid VLAN-link

    Specifies the aggregation on which the VLAN is being created.


    Indicates the VLAN ID number.


    Specifies the name of the VLAN.

  3. For every VLAN that you created in the previous step, create an IP interface over the VLAN.
    $ ipadm create-ip interface

    interface is the interface name, which typically follows the VLAN name.

  4. For each IP interface on a VLAN, configure a valid IP address.
    $ ipadm create-addr -a address interface
Example 17  Configuring Multiple VLANs Over a Link Aggregation

In this example, two VLANs are configured on a link aggregation. The VLANs are assigned VLAN IDs 193 and 194, respectively.

$ dladm show-link
net0     phys      1500    up        --        
net1     phys      1500    up        --        
aggr0    aggr      1500    up        net0 net1

$ dladm create-vlan -l aggr0 -v 193 acctg0
$ dladm create-vlan -l aggr0 -v 194 humres0

$ ipadm create-ip acctg0
$ ipadm create-ip humres0

$ ipadm create-addr -a acctg0
ipadm: acctg0/v4
$ ipadm create-addr -a humres0
ipadm: humres0/v4