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Managing Network Datalinks in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Displaying the Clients Associated With Each Port

Each client (IP interface) is associated with exactly one DLMP aggregated port. Only the port receives or transmits traffic for that client.

Load spreading is implemented across all the VNICs of a DLMP aggregation. If actions such as port addition, port removal, port failure, or port recovery cause a load imbalance, the load distribution is rebalanced across the VNICs.

The following command displays the list of clients associated with each aggregated port.

$ dladm show-aggr -C
dlmp0     --     10000Mb   full     up        --
         net1    10000Mb   full     up        dlmp0,vnic2
         net2    10000Mb   full     up        vnic1

In the example, DLMP aggregation dlmp0 has two ports net1 and net2. The VNICs vnic1 and vnic2 are created over dlmp0. The clients of the DLMP aggregation dlmp0 and vnic2 are associated with the port net1 and the client vnic1 is associated with the port net2.