Oracle® Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

How to Check the Status of the Cluster Interconnect

The phys-schost# prompt reflects a global-cluster prompt. Perform this procedure on a global cluster.

This procedure provides the long forms of the Oracle Solaris Cluster commands. Most commands also have short forms. Except for the long and short forms of the command names, the commands are identical.

You do not need to be logged in as the root role to perform this procedure.

You can also use the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager GUI to check the status of the cluster interconnect. For GUI log-in instructions, see How to Access Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager.

  1. Check the status of the cluster interconnect.
    % clinterconnect status 
  2. Refer to the following table for common status messages.
    Status Message
    Description and Possible Action
    Path online
    The path is currently functioning correctly. No action is necessary.
    Path waiting
    The path is currently being initialized. No action is necessary.
    The path is not functioning. This can be a transient state when paths are going between the waiting and online state. If the message persists when clinterconnect status is rerun, take corrective action.
Example 7-1  Checking the Status of the Cluster Interconnect

The following example shows the status of a functioning cluster interconnect.

% clinterconnect status
-- Cluster Transport Paths --
                    Endpoint             Endpoint             Status
                    --------             --------             ------
  Transport path:   phys-schost-1:net0   phys-schost-2:net0   Path online
  Transport path:   phys-schost-1:net4   phys-schost-2:net4   Path online
  Transport path:   phys-schost-1:net0   phys-schost-3:net0   Path online
  Transport path:   phys-schost-1:net4   phys-schost-3:net4   Path online
  Transport path:   phys-schost-2:net0   phys-schost-3:net0   Path online
  Transport path:   phys-schost-2:net4   phys-schost-3:net4   Path online