Oracle® Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

How to Change the Cluster Name

If necessary, you can change the cluster name after initial installation.


Caution  -  Do not perform this procedure if the cluster is in an Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition partnership. Instead, follow procedures in Renaming a Cluster That Is in a Partnership in Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide .

The phys-schost# prompt reflects a global-cluster prompt. Perform this procedure on a global cluster.

This procedure provides the long forms of the Oracle Solaris Cluster commands. Most commands also have short forms. Except for the long and short forms of the command names, the commands are identical.

  1. Assume the root role on any node in the global cluster.
  2. Start the clsetup utility.
    phys-schost# clsetup

    The Main Menu is displayed.

  3. To change the cluster name, type the number for the option for Other Cluster Properties.

    The Other Cluster Properties menu is displayed.

  4. Make your selection from the menu and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. If you want the service tag for Oracle Solaris Cluster to reflect the new cluster name, delete the existing Oracle Solaris Cluster tag and restart the cluster.

    To delete the Oracle Solaris Cluster service tag instance, complete the following substeps on all nodes in the cluster.

    1. List all of the service tags.
      phys-schost# stclient -x
    2. Find the Oracle Solaris Cluster service tag instance number, then run the following command.
      phys-schost# stclient -d -i service_tag_instance_number
    3. Reboot all the nodes in the cluster.
      phys-schost# reboot
Example 9-1  Changing the Cluster Name

The following example shows the cluster command generated from the clsetup utility to change to the new cluster name, dromedary.

phys-schost# cluster rename -c dromedary

For more information, see the cluster (1CL) and clsetup (1CL) man pages.