Oracle® Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

How to Migrate the Global-Devices Namespace From a Dedicated Partition to a lofi Device

  1. Assume the rootrole on the global-cluster node whose namespace location you want to change.
  2. Evacuate services off the node and reboot the node into noncluster mode.

    Do this to ensure that global devices are not served from this node while you perform this procedure. For instructions, see How to Boot a Node in Noncluster Mode.

  3. Ensure that a file named /.globaldevices does not exist on the node.

    If the file does exist, delete it.

  4. Create the lofi device.
    # mkfile 100m /.globaldevices# lofiadm -a /.globaldevices
    # LOFI_DEV=`lofiadm /.globaldevices`
    # newfs `echo ${LOFI_DEV} | sed -e 's/lofi/rlofi/g'` < /dev/null# lofiadm -d /.globaldevices
  5. In the /etc/vfstab file, comment out the global-devices namespace entry.

    This entry has a mount path that begins with /global/.devices/node@nodeID.

  6. Unmount the global-devices partition /global/.devices/node@nodeID.
  7. Disable and re-enable the globaldevices and scmountdev SMF services.
    # svcadm disable globaldevices
    # svcadm disable scmountdev
    # svcadm enable scmountdev
    # svcadm enable globaldevices

    A lofi device is now created on /.globaldevices and mounted as the global-devices file system.

  8. Repeat these steps on other nodes whose global-devices namespace you want to migrate from a partition to a lofi device.
  9. From one node, populate the global-device namespaces.
    # /usr/cluster/bin/cldevice populate

    On each node, verify that the command has completed processing before you perform any further actions on the cluster.

    # ps -ef | grep cldevice populate

    The global-devices namespace now resides on a lofi device.

  10. Migrate to the node any services that you want to run on that node.