Oracle® Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

Administering Storage-Based Replicated Devices

You can configure an Oracle Solaris Cluster device group to contain devices that are replicated by using storage-based replication. Oracle Solaris Cluster software supports EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility software for storage-based replication.

Before you can replicate data with EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility software, you must be familiar with the storage-based replication documentation and have the storage-based replication product and the latest updates installed on your system. For information about installing the storage-based replication software, see the product documentation.

The storage-based replication software configures a pair of devices as replicas with one device as the primary replica and the other device as the secondary replica. At any given time, the device attached to one set of nodes will be the primary replicas. The device attached to the other set of nodes will be the secondary replica.

In an Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration, the primary replica is automatically moved whenever the Oracle Solaris Cluster device group to which the replica belongs is moved. Therefore, the replica primary should never be moved in an Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration directly. Rather, the takeover should be accomplished by moving the associated Oracle Solaris Cluster device group.


Caution  -  The name of the Oracle Solaris Cluster device group that you create (Solaris Volume Manager or raw-disk) must be the same as the name of the replicated device group.

This section contains the following procedures: