Oracle® Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015


labeled brand zoneindex iconIntroduction to Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster
last quorum device
removingindex iconHow to Remove the Last Quorum Device From a Cluster
device group configurationindex iconHow to List a Device Group Configuration
quorum configurationindex iconHow to List the Quorum Configuration
load limits
concentrate_load propertyindex iconConfiguring Load Limits
configuring on nodes
index iconHow to Configure Load Limits on a Node
index iconConfiguring Load Limits
preemption_mode propertyindex iconConfiguring Load Limits
local mirroring  Seeindex iconstorage-based replication
lofi file
uninstallingindex iconHow to Uninstall Oracle Solaris Cluster Software From a Cluster Node
logical hostname resource
role in data replication takeoverindex iconConfiguring Replication Resource Groups
remoteindex iconLogging Into the Cluster Remotely
loopback mount
exporting a file system to a zone clusterindex iconHow to Remove a File System From a Zone Cluster