Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.2 Hardware Administration Manual

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Updated: July 2014, E39726–01

How to Set Terminal Concentrator Port Parameters

This procedure explains how to determine if the port type variable must be set and how to set this variable.

The port type parameter must be set to dial_in. If the parameter is set to hardwired, the cluster console might be unable to detect when a port is already in use.

  1. Locate Oracle's Sun serial number label on the top panel of the terminal concentrator (Figure 2–7).
  2. Check if the serial number is in the lower serial-number range. The serial number consists of 7 digits, followed by a dash and 10 more digits.
    • If the numbers after the dash start with at least 9520, the port type variable is set correctly. Go to Step 4.

    • If the numbers after the dash start with 9519 or lower, you must change the port type variable. Go to Step 3.

    Figure 2-7  Determining the Version From the Serial Number Label

    image:Illustration: The preceding context describes the graphic.
  3. Use the administrative console to change the port type variable to dial_in by setting the port parameters, then reboot the terminal concentrator as shown in the following example.

    The boot command causes the changes to take effect. The terminal concentrator is unavailable for approximately one minute.

    admin-ws# telnet tc-name
    Trying terminal concentrator IP address
    Connected to tc-name
    Escape character is "^]".
    Rotaries Defined:
    cli                              -
    Enter Annex port name or number: cli
    Annex Command Line Interpreter  *  Copyright 1991 Xylogics, Inc.
    annex: su
    Password: password
    (The default password is the terminal concentrator IP address)
    annex# admin
    Annex administration MICRO-XL-UX R7.0.1, 8 ports
    admin : set port=1-8 type dial_in imask_7bits Y
    You may need to reset the appropriate port, Annex subsystem or
    reboot the Annex for changes to take effect.
    admin : set port=1-8 mode slave
    admin : quit
    annex# boot
    bootfile:  <return>
    warning:   <return>

    Note - Ensure that the terminal concentrator is powered on and has completed the boot process before you proceed.
  4. Verify that you can log in from the administrative console to the consoles of each node.

    For information about how to connect to the nodes' consoles, see How to Connect to a Node's Console Through the Terminal Concentrator.