Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.2 Hardware Administration Manual

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Updated: July 2014, E39726–01

Dynamic Reconfiguration Operations for Oracle Solaris Cluster Nodes

The Oracle Solaris Cluster environment supports Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration operations on qualified servers. Throughout the Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware-Specific Information, there are procedures that require that you add or remove transport adapters or public network adapters in a cluster node. Contact your service provider for a list of storage arrays that are qualified for use with servers that are enabled with dynamic reconfiguration.

Note -  Review the documentation for the Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration feature on your hardware platform before you use the dynamic reconfiguration feature with Oracle Solaris Cluster software. All of the requirements, procedures, and restrictions that are documented for the Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration feature also apply to Oracle Solaris Cluster dynamic reconfiguration support (except for the operating environment quiescence operation).