Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.2 Hardware Administration Manual

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Updated: July 2014, E39726–01
Chapter 8

Verifying Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware Redundancy

This chapter describes the tests for verifying and demonstrating the high availability (HA) of your Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration. The tests in this chapter assume that you installed Oracle Solaris Cluster hardware, the Oracle Solaris Operating System, and Oracle Solaris Cluster software. All nodes should be booted as cluster members.

If your cluster passes these tests, your hardware has adequate redundancy. This redundancy means that your nodes, cluster transport cables, and IPMP groups are not single points of failure.

To perform the tests in How to Test Device Group Redundancy Using Resource Group Failover and How to Test Cluster Interconnects, you must first identify the device groups that each node masters. Perform these tests on all cluster pairs that share a disk device group. Each pair has a primary node and a secondary node for a particular device group.

Use the following command to determine the initial primary and secondary:cldevicegroup status with the –n option.

For conceptual information about primary nodes, secondary nodes, failover, device groups, or cluster hardware, see the Oracle Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide .