Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.2 Hardware Administration Manual

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Updated: July 2014, E39726–01

Hardware Restrictions

    The following restrictions apply to hardware in all Oracle Solaris Cluster configurations.

  • All nodes in the same cluster must be of the same architecture. They must be all SPARC-based systems or all x86-based systems.

  • Multihost tape, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM are not supported.

  • Alternate pathing (AP) is not supported.

  • Storage devices with more than a single path from a given cluster node to the enclosure are not supported except for the following storage devices:

    • Oracle's Sun StorEdge A3500, for which two paths are supported to each of two nodes.

    • Devices using Oracle Solaris I/O multipathing, formerly Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager.

    • EMC storage devices that use EMC PowerPath software.

    • Oracle's Sun StorEdge 9900 storage devices that use HDLM.

  • SunVTS software is not supported.