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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X5-2 Extreme Flash Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

Remove NVMe Cables

  1. Prepare the storage server for service.
    1. Power off the storage server and disconnect the power cords from the power supplies.

      See Powering Down the Storage Server.

    2. Extend the storage server to the maintenance position.

      See Extend the Storage Server to the Maintenance Position.

    3. Attach an antistatic wrist strap to your wrist, and then to a metal area on the chassis.

      See Electrostatic Discharge Safety.

    4. Remove the storage server top cover.

      See Remove the Storage Server Top Cover.

    5. Remove the air baffle.

      Remove the air baffle by lifting the baffle up and out of the storage server.

    6. Open the server fan assembly door and remove fan modules.

      See Remove a Fan Module.

    7. Remove the storage server's front fan assembly door.

      See Remove the Fan Assembly Door From the Storage Server.

  2. Disconnect the NVMe cables from the Oracle PCIe NVMe switch cards in PCIe slots 1, 2, 5, and 6 [1].

    Press each latch, and then pull out to disengage the cable from each connector. See also Remove a PCIe Card.

    image:Figure showing NVMe cables being removed from the storage                         server.
  3. Disconnect the twelve NVMe cables from the front storage drive backplane [2].

    Press each latch, and then pull out to disengage the cable from each connector.

  4. Remove the NVMe cables from the server.

    Note -  NVMe cable connectors do not fit through the left-side chassis mid-wall. If you are removing NVMe cables between the disk backplane and PCIe slots 5 and 6, you first must remove the chassis mid-wall. For instructions, see Step 8 in Remove the Motherboard Assembly.

    Carefully remove the NVMe cable bundles from the center and left-side chassis mid-wall. Be careful not to snag the cables on the server components.

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