This section provides information about and instructions for using the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Services.

Oracle ATG REST Web Services provide access to ATG Nucleus components. Nucleus components are server-side JavaBeans and servlets that perform the back-end functionality of a Web application, such as enabling database connectivity, logging, scheduling, and handling HTTP requests.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce previously provided a single process that wrote directly to the HTTP response buffer. This API is identified throughout this guide as the Legacy REST API. The Legacy framework has been enhanced to provide a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and framework that supports multiple controllers that generate a model map that can be filtered. This multiple controller API is known as the REST MVC API.

Note: It is strongly suggested that, if you are creating new REST services, you use the REST MVC API. The Legacy REST API is limited in its ability to be configured and is not extensible.

This section is divided into three parts:

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