List of Figures

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Part I Overview

1 Value Added Taxes (VAT)

2 United States Tax Structure

3 Canadian Tax Structure

4 European Union Tax Structure

5 Italian Tax Structure

Part II Setup

6 Overview to Setup

7 Tax Authorities

8 Tax Rates and Areas

9 Tax Explanation Codes

10 Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAIs)

11 Tax Rules by Company

12 Default Values

13 European Union Setup

14 Italian Setup

Part III Daily/Periodic Activity

15 Overview to Daily/Periodic Activity

16 A/P Voucher Entry

17 A/R Invoice Entry

18 Purchase Order Entry

19 Sales Order Entry

20 Journal Entry with VAT Tax

21 Posting for A/P, A/R, Purchase Orders, and Sales Orders

22 Entry for A/P, A/R, and Sales Orders

23 Tax Work File

24 Working with Suspended VAT Tax

25 European Union Activities

26 Italian IVA Activities

27 Japanese Consumption Tax Activities

28 Date Translation Generation

Part IV Tax Report

29 Overview to Tax Report

30 Use/VAT Tax Reports

31 Sales Tax Reports

32 Generic VAT Reports

33 VAT Journal Reports

34 VAT Exception Reports

35 Canadian GST and PST Tax Reports

36 European Union Tax Reports

37 Italian IVA Tax Reports

38 Japanese Consumption Tax Reports

Part V Processing Options

39 Setup Processing Options

40 Daily/Periodic Activity Processing Options

A Vertex Tax System

B Understanding the Link/Parm Area

C Examples of Tax Explanation Code Accounting

D Entry and Post Examples for Purchase Orders