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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Modifying the Service Processor Network Settings Using Oracle ILOM

This section provides information about the default network settings on the service processor (SP), as well as procedures for viewing and modifying those settings in Oracle ILOM:

The Oracle Server X6-2 supports dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 settings, which enable Oracle ILOM to fully operate in an IPv4 or IPv6 network environment.

  • For IPv4 configurations, DHCP is enabled by default, allowing a DHCP server on the network to automatically assign network settings to the service processor.

  • For IPv6 configurations, IPv6 stateless auto-configuration is enabled by default, allowing an IPv6 router on the network to assign the network settings.

In a typical configuration, you will accept the default settings. However, if you want to modify the service processor network settings, follow these procedures.