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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Rackmount Checklist

Complete the following checklist prior to installing the server into a rack or cabinet.

Table 13  Rackmount Checklist
Rackmount Considerations
Is the distance between the front and rear mounting planes between the minimum or 610 mm and the maximum 915 mm (24 inches to 36 inches)?
Is the clearance depth in the front of the front mounting plane (distance to the front cabinet door) at least 25.4 mm (1 inch)?
Does the target rack meet the following minimum load capacity:
  • 19 kg/rack unit

  • 785 kg total

Is the rack a four-post rack (mounting at both front and rear)?
Two-post racks are not compatible.
Does the rack's horizontal opening and unit vertical pitch conform to ANSI/EIA 310-D-1992 or IEC 60927 standards?
Does the rack have RETMA rail support?
Does the rack support Oracle cable management arms (CMAs)?
Does the rack support installation of Oracle vented and solid filler panels?
Is there sufficient space for cable harnesses and the power distribution units (PDUs) in the rack, if required?
Can a label with the server serial number be printed and attached to the target rack?
Did you run the required network cables from your network equipment to the location where the server will be installed?
Did you label the network cables that will connect to the server?
Does the rack support installation of standard Oracle PDUs?
If not, then complete this checklist.
Can the customer provide equivalent PDUs?
Can the customer provide a single PDU and its circuits to support the power requirements in case a PDU fails?
Can the customer ensure power loads are evenly distributed across all circuits of a single PDU?
Can the customer provide appropriate power drops for the PDUs?

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