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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Connect Cables and Power Cords

Refer to Rear Panel Cabling Reference to locate the ports and AC inlets on the server back panel.

  1. Connect a serial cable between the server's serial management port (SER MGT) and a terminal device.

    This connection provides the initial communication to the SP.

  2. (Optional) Connect an Ethernet cable between the network management port (NET MGT) and the network to which connections to the Oracle ILOM SP and host will be made.

    Configure the server for the first time using the SER MGT port. After initial configuration, you can set up communication between the SP and host through this Ethernet interface.

  3. For network access, connect an Ethernet cable between one of the the server's Ethernet NET ports (NET0-3) and the network to which the server will communicate.

    Note -  Ethernet ports NET2 and NET3 are non-functional in single-processor systems.
  4. Connect the power cords to the two AC inlets on the back panel of the server.

    Use a Velcro strap to secure the power cords to the power supply handle as shown in the following figure.

    image:Velcro straps that secure power cord to server

    Caution  -  Damage to Server Components: Do not operate the server unless all fans, component heak sinks, air baffles, and the top cover are installed.

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